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Lancelot's Pram - About Me
Who Am I?

Mal Kiely
Rhythm and blues mingled with quirky pop'n'roll

"Really funny..."    "Energetic..."    "Seriously entertaining..."

Mal    Mal

Guitars, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, production, lighting

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Mal Kiely
is "Lancelot's Pram", a good-time solo singer-guitarist performance entertainer, appearing throughout NSW, and based in Bathurst (NSW Australia).

"Rhythm and blues mingled with quirky pop'n'roll"

Mal has been playing various stringed instruments (bass and guitar) since the mid-1980's, playing with many professional bands in both Sydney and the Central West. Recording two CD-albums and touring NSW and Victoria with "Surprise", and constantly gigging (over 230+ live performances) and recording with bands such as Party Cones, Menace, Think Big, October and Montage, as well as much studio, radio and live session work in many diverse styles has left Mal with some interesting experiences - and stray grey hairs! His fun sense of absurd humour features in all his live performances.

His interactive live performances have been described as "really funny", "energetic" and "seriously entertaining".

Mal simply enjoys playing music... and sharing the simple joys, passion and fun of it all with people he plays to.

His current CD/mp3 album is "Lancelot's Pram", and he has a dedicated webpage as well - http://lancelot.fateback.com

He is currently working toward his second album of original material...


"Really funny..."    "Energetic..."    "Seriously entertaining..."

Mal's pop and rock musical influences include (in no particular order) , , (), , , , (), (), , , (), (), , (), , , , (), and - amongst an almost endless list that also includes cool jazz (), folk and classical music.

Mal also enjoys fiddling about with stage visual effects, using whatever technology happens to be to hand at the time. This makes for some very interestingly exciting experiences for the eyes.

mal  Mal   Mal



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Page last updated: 10 March 2015