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Lancelot's Pram - CD Albums

"Lancelot's Pram" by Mal Kiely (CD TNB002)

~ Now available ~

Release Date: 1 August 2009, Australia
Label: Independent (TNB002)
Genre: Pop, rock, rhythm and blues
Formats: Regular CD & mp3
Produced by Mal Kiely and Lancelot's Pram
Running Time: 45:31
Mal Kiely © 2009

"Rhythm and blues mingled with quirky pop'n'roll"

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All songs composed*, performed, arranged and produced by Mal Kiely and Lancelot's Pram.
* except where noted

Electric, acoustic and classical guitars, bass guitars, piano, keyboards, drum loops, percussion, harmonica and all vocals and silly noises performed by Mal Kiely.

Recorded at the Ambient Abode Studio and Milltown Carillon Theatrical Society Hall, Bathurst NSW Australia, over winter 2009.
Recorded and mixed using the and mastered using .

"A good time was had by us".

16 CD/mp3 tracks - All album & song information and full song lyrics

16 sample tracks - audio sound samples

Plus four FREE bonus tracks NOT available elsewhere!

01  "Mirror Mirror" - 2:25
02  "I Know I'm Not Crazy" - 3:13
03  "Free As a Bird" - 3:55
04  "What Am I Gonna Do?"  -  3:57
05  "For Sale" - 2:25
06  "Better Days" - 3:08
07  "Must Be the Black Dog" - 3:29
08  "On the Night (We First Met)" - 2:53
09  "Sunrise" - 3:28
10  "Must Be a Better Way" - 3:03
11  "Latin Swells" - 0:56
12  "Wave Hello" - 1:13
13  "Bread and Milk" - 1:01
14  "Maggie's Farm"* (Bob Dylan) - 4:46
15  "You Won't Remember My Name"  -  3:17
16  "Helen of Troy" - 2:20  (Free CD bonus track)

Running time: 45:31

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Sincerely dedicated to Josh, Seb and Alex. I love you guys endlessly!

Many thanks to Alexander Macdonald, Dave Welch, John Binnion, Dave Smith, Bums on Seats Promotion
s (Bathurst), The Kings Hotel (Bathurst), Julian Bennett, Matthew "Black Hawk" Hawkey, Eddie Waqavesi, Michael Mannolini, Toni Farlow, Steve Brook, Anita Willey & Peter Mills, Timothy Hone, Penni Lennon & Bruno Koenig, Donna Page, Ahmed Youssef, Antoinette Jaimeson.
Thanks David and Colleen for your understanding - love you.
Thanks mum and dad - I really miss you guys.

cd label
CD TNB002 © 2009 Mal Kiely

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CD $15.00 ea. plus $4.00 pph (worldwide)

(Copies for sale $15.00 ea. at live appearances)

Album reviews

"Love your work" - Donna, QLD Australia
"I can't believe you played everything yourself... where's the band? Amazing - thank you!" - Jenny, NSW Australia
"The best I've heard you sing... 4 out of 5" - Alex, NSW Australia
"I really like the 'All I Want Is In You '! It made me cry" - Trixie, Ohio USA

"Sounds good Mal, I think your singing sounds better here than with the band" - Peter, NSW Australia
"Really good vibes. Excellent." - Colin, London UK
"It's wonderful! Great job and many different types of songs. I love it!" - Paula, Michigan USA

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