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Lancelot's Pram - Podcasts

What is a 'podcast'?

"A podcast is a programme which is made available as a downloadable digital file. It is usually ... released periodically as part of a series, and usually offered via web syndication. The podcast is the collection of all shows or episodes of a particular program series delivered in this manner...
New files can thus be downloaded automatically by the podcatcher and stored locally on the user's computer or other device for offline use, making it simpler for a user to access episodic content." ()

In other words, it's stuff I'll only offer online for free for you to download as an mp3. For example, extracts from a live concert, or radio shows, or interviews, things like that. You can listen to them anytime, once you download it. And they're absolutely free.

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Lancelot's Pram Podcast

To download the file, click on the podcast link, then click the "Download Original" blue arrow to save a copy onto your computer/player etc.

I've never really done anything like this before, so it's a new learning experience for me as well. Any constructive feedback would always be gratefully received. Thanks.

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Lancelot's Pram Podcast

Podcast #1 - August 2009
"Unplugged 789"
Online Concert by Lancelot's Pram


Assorted extracts from an unplugged acoustic live performance
Friday 7th August 2009 (7/08/09)
Bathurst (NSW Australia)
Vocals and guitars: Mal Kiely
Recorded and produced by Mal Kiely and Lancelot's Pram

Running time: 27:57 (c. 28 minutes)
'Podcast': 1 x mp3, 64.0 MB @ 320kbps

(Click the download arrow to save a copy onto your computer/player etc and listen when you want to).

01 - Mirror Mirror (2009 © Mal Kiely)
02 - For Sale (2009 © Mal Kiely)
03 - Reckless (1983 © James Reyne)
04 - I Know I'm Not Crazy (2009 © Mal Kiely)
05 - Must Be the Black Dog (2009 © Mal Kiely)
06 - Free As a Bird (2009 © Mal Kiely)
07 - White Rabbit (1967 © Grace Slick)
08 - What Am I Gonna Do? (2009 © Mal Kiely)
09 - You Won't Remember My Name (2009 © Mal Kiely)

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